Professional Surveying in Medicine Hat & surrounding areas.

Surveying is the science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional space position of points and the distances and angles between them. These points are usually, but not exclusively, associated with positions on the surface of the Earth, and are often used to establish land maps and boundaries for ownership or governmental purposes. In order to accomplish their objective, surveyors use elements of geometry, engineering, trigonometry, mathematics,  physics, and law. 



Building and House layouts

Road Construction

Volume & quantity surveys

Deep utility layout

Pile Layout


Parking lot & asphalt staking

Wind and Solar Farm Layout

Wetland Restoration surveys

RPAS / UAV / Drone Surveys


Real Property Reports (RPR)

Municipal Compliance

Development Permit Surveys


Property line staking

Condominium surveys

Utility easements and Right of Ways

Land Use Change


A Surveyor's Real Property Report is a legal document that clearly illustrates permanent above ground structures and registered easements in relation to property boundaries. The document consists of a plan showing the physical improvements with a written report outlining the details of the property.

In a real estate transaction, the Surveyor's Real Property Report can be relied upon by the purchaser, seller, realtor, lawyer, financial institution, and the municipality as an accurate representation of the property. 

Who needs a Surveyor's Real Property Report?

Property Purchasers, to be informed of:

  • the location of buildings relative to the property lines.

  • registered easements that may restrict future developments.

  • encroachments that may become a liability to the purchaser.

Property sellers, to provide:

  • a plan and report that clearly illustrates the marketability of the property.

Realtors, to provide:

  • a visual representation of the property for sale.

  • information to avoid delays in completing property transactions.

Lawyers, to assist in:

  • verifying the current state of your title.

Financial Institutions, to verify:

  • that there are no encroachments that may affect the marketability of the property offered for security.

Municipalities, to ensure:

  • compliance with bylaws and zoning regulations.

What is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance is a policy issued to the mortgage lender to protect against a defect in title. In Alberta, the Land Titles system guarantees ownership of your land by title. Title Insurance policies provide no information about your property.

*Only a Surveyor's Real Property Report can assure you of the extent of your property and warn of any possible problems.


We take care of Municipal Compliance and grading plans too!


A Real Property Report is necessary to determine compliance with municipal bylaws. 

A municipality reviews and endorses the Real Property Report and indicates if the improvements meet the requirements of the local bylaws. 

The property owner can then resolve any outstanding issues identified by the municipality. 

Early preparation of a Real Property Report significantly speeds up the process of selling a property.